Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson analyzes Edward Lee's psyche.

on Nov 9, 2011

We meet all the players in the third grouping before we get to see the Bubble Group do battle. The Bubble Group is getting restless, with Edward talking about how he’s going to have to kill everyone in the room to get a blue chef coat. I try to send him happy thoughts and remind him that he could really just buy one at

Austin Andrew gets mushrooms and looks in-control. But he is speaking authoritatively to his poached eggs… “Aw, you bitch.” Conversations with food often reveal the lunatic in the room. 

Paul Q gets cooking with trout. He seems confident when I approach and is creating smart, simpler food, arguably the most difficult food to pull off.  

Kim gets lamb, which she is treating with a simple Italianesque preparation. She looks like Dexter’s sister. 

Paul gets the coat. Much deserved. The street cart overlord from Austin has massive skills. Good job, Paul. Andrew bubbles through to the next challenge, unless Edward has his way and kills everyone in the Bubble Room. Kim overcooks the lamb and is done. She leaves with honor. 

Berenice gets short ribs which is another doozy. Tough muscle. Her dish was fine but one-dimensional. She is honorable in defeat. 

Jonathan has Brussels sprouts. I love Brussels sprouts. Jonathan says Tom and I are “lurking around.” I admit it. It’s my job. I skulk too.

Fatty Crab Chaz is doing risotto. I remark to him that risotto has brought down many, many chefs on TC. He doesn’t want to hear this, but the writing may be on the wall. He says that Italians make risotto, “all night.” Twenty minutes seems more accurate, but if you have to caress each rice kernel like they were miniature Padmas, then yes, it may take a while.  He also says something like, “Am I a Navy Seal or a GI Joe?” We hope you are just a person cooking risotto. Don’t aim too high.