Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson weighs in on the team dynamics in the Salt Lick BBQ challenge.

on Jan 4, 2012

Bottoms: Paul with a boring egg. Beverly with her curry mess. Grayson with her trout ta da.

Tops: Ty-Lor with his melon. Sarah with her ravioli. Chris J. with his berries.   

Winner is Ty-Lor. Chris Jones is very, very sad. 

Off to Salt Lick BBQ Camp, where there be no sing songs, no archery badges, no raising of the flag, and certainly no friendships. There will be a mildly abusive camp counselor and his name is Edward Lee.

The cooking team equivalent of the Bad News Bears tonight is Crary, Beverly, and Moto Chris.  

Whole Foods. Did Chris Crary shout out liquid smoke in a list of ingredients for coleslaw? That s--t is disgusting. Edward is battling everyone named Sarah, accent or not. When will people realize it's not good karma to battle with team members? 

Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce sounds gross.

The Salt Lick owner tours them around. They eat a lot. I would want a nap, but I don’t think that’s in the cards for the chefs. Paul is sweatin’ balls again. It’s now Tundra time. the recreated pits are called the Onion Creek. “When the smoke gets in your eye, remember those tears are the last flavor profile for great barbecue.” Marcus Aurelius, he is not but you get the point. 

It all starts out nice and funny like but like all family trips to Onion Creek, we end up crying, being really tired, crying some more, passing out, eating and drinking way too much. And never ever tell Edward how to cook. 

In case of fire, DO NOT CALL BEVERLY.