Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson weighs in on the team dynamics in the Salt Lick BBQ challenge.

on Jan 4, 2012

Let’s talk sleep deprivation a bit. I would be garbage. You just can’t work under those circumstances. I feel for them. 

The Grayson bullfrog song. What? Grayson is one happy weirdo.

Lines we could build a romance novel franchise on:

Ed: “Do not get emotional.”

Sarah: “I am just being honest.”

Blue Team wins. Paul has raked in $35,000 and wants to buy a nap for $34,000.

The White Team and Red Team are on the lower rungs of purgatory. White team up. Sarah’s chicken had little smoke taste. Ty-Lor feels pretty bad. The ribs were substandard. Nathan advocates boiling them… Sacrilege. They had fermented beans. The pre-slicing on the brisket really killed Ed’s meat. He blames Sarah. Obviously. 

Red Team up. Beverly’s coleslaw failed to wow. Moto Chris’ meats were okay. Crary’s BBQ sauce was weirdoville. Ribs were salty, virtually inedible. Bev’s beans were undercooked. 

Crary goes home. He is not too sad because this world has an endless number of naked girls to paint. 

Paint on, Malibu Chris.