Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson wraps up a pressure-filled season.

on Feb 29, 2012

The Quickfire is a collection of chefs from the season with two ringers. The ringers are Marco Canora from Hearth, NYC and Barbara Lynch from No. 9 Park in Boston. The two of them are lauded super chefs. They are also very cool peeps. Me likey them. I have a recurring dream that Marco makes me the best toast ever. It’s totally platonic. 

So we get a hodgepodge of competing chefs, from Big Keith, to Tyler the Butcher, to “I say what’s on my mind” Grayson, to Malibu, to the Namaste foam guy from the first episode… even Heather is smilin’. Watch out though, she’s meaner when she’s smiling.

Crary has a sweaty back. You know that boy is going commando. Ewww. 

Tyler and Ty-Lör is a one-letter difference, with a power umlaut. This seems slight but the real difference is that Tyler makes people cringe and Ty-Lör makes people want to hug him. When Tyler gets picked, we hear whispers of, “That’s unfortunate.” Understatement of season. 

Nobody picked Marco Canora. WTF. This man eats young chefs like this for a midday snack. He burns his own cuts shut. He poops saucepans. 

The teams are picked and they look pretty tight. I think Ty-Lor is a coup for Paul and Barbara is like getting Albert Pujols for a tee ball game. Nyesha and Heather are anchors for Sarah. Grayson is swearing a lot, so that means she’s in top form.