Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson wraps up a pressure-filled season.

on Feb 29, 2012

Tyler is trying to convince Sarah to cook with techniques that he has read about in Art Culinaire and then peppering everybody with inane questions. You need to watch his casting video. F--king mind boggling. Barbara Lynch is getting comfy with the Paul thing, but she’s always been the boss and may take a little time to adjust to the subservient role.

Nyesha is running this kitchen goddammit. Of all the people I thought could’ve really brought it this season she’s the one I missed the most. She’s immensely talented and has a demeanor I adore. She and Barbara Lynch are culinarily dreamy.

Tyler tells Sarah, “You’re so old skool.” Does that make Tyler new skool by extension? If so, we need to change the curriculum. 

The fired butcher also asks “How thick do you want the wedges?” I want to give him a wedgie. There should be a place where you can go online and make that happen. Tyler peppers out the questions as I write him a script for Adderall. If he worked in my kitchens, I would need medication to curb my urges to put this kid in a sleeper hold.   

Terlato tasting time. Again I am “hiding” at the bar. Third string, remember?

Barbara Lynch is like the boss of all of us. She should run this whole joint, and by that I mean the world. 

The crab has spent the night sitting lifeless and is smelling that way. I don’t know whether that implies out of the fridge or just sitting in a cold environment aging, but neither of those sounds very good. I think crab is the one seafood that I have had the worst run-ins with; it just does not keep for very long, or it’s pasteurized and chem washed and tastes like cat food. But then once in a blue moon you taste a king crab, Dungeness crab, blue crab, or stone crab that just makes you love what the critters can be. Keith, a.k.a. Big Guy, knows his seafood and is raising the red flag on the crab at hand, but like any properly run kitchen he wants to talk to the Big Enchilada. Paul, the aforementioned Enchilada, agrees, and they move on to spot prawns. Keith, I am coming to see you sometime soon. We will break bread. Shalom.