Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson wraps up a pressure-filled season.

on Feb 29, 2012

Paul has to buy Barbara Lynch something nice. Paul, follow through dude. Aw f--k, just give her one of the gazillion things you won this season. Paul, sheepishly, “Here Chef Lynch, I bought you a Prius.”

Judges' Table:

Tom thinks it’s the best food ever at a Judges' Table. This is my first rodeo so it’s the best I’ve had. 

Gail loved the pasta. We all loved the pasta. We all had problems with the beets, but it really was the only weak link in that dish. The cheeks were good, albeit very rich. The polenta had problems. The sweetbreads were over. It really was splitting hairs though cause it was a great meal and a really apt finale presentation. 

Padma hates white chocolate, but that is just one of her teases… because she loves the dessert! How do y’all feel about the other White Chocolate, Robin Thicke? I am pro white soul singers birthed from the loins of Canadian-sitcom actors. Robin is dreamy and his voice gets people more excited than a kabocha squash salad with avocado, arugula, and saffron vinaigrette (all purported aphrodisiacs). Jason Seaver is blushing somewhere. Anyhow, Sarah’s white chocolate has been slowly roasted and becomes a sauce emulating dulce de leche. It’s friggin’ delicious. 

Paul’s first course was truly a apples and oranges scenario and he knew it. The bass was badass. The congee was fun. I cut Gail off… sorry Gail, my fellow Canuck. 

I thought the puffed rice was a bit too crunchy. Like grapenuts crunchy. Again, an amazing meal. 

Loved the families in attendance. Good to see them being humans with true feelings.