Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson judges the chile and rodeo challenges from the comfort of his couch.

on Nov 23, 2011

Whole Foods meat counter war! Dakota starts to cry, or kind of looks that way. Does she apply her mascara in the shower? Meanwhile, Chris and Sarah are rubbing each other in a way that Chris is not happy with… the wrong way. Brisket is flying. Beverly is again having issues at the meat counter. Chris is grocery blocking Sarah at the checkout. Chris’s hair is standing on end.

Crash, bang, boom. Who's taking the outdoor living fireplace? Moto Chris moves on in for the woodsmoke flavor. It’s a long night at the house cooking. Grayson is bartering for fireplace space. “I will give you Park Place and a get out of jail free card for space in the fireplace.” Chuy grinds a dance. It's creepy. 

Chile con carne for the Green Team. Braised brisket chili for the Red Team. Brisket Chili with summer pickles for the Blue Team. Three-bean chili for the White team. Mole chili, not mole the small animal, for the Black Team. Everyone looks exhausted. Then they get drunk and crazy around the pool. Moto Chris is trippin’ and looking at stars. Edward is opening wine with a shoe like a drunk MacGyver. Chuy is still being creepy, talking about his muscles. He and Chris Clary are having a creep-off.

Stir that chili. Texans make it very obvious that they are not into beans in chili which makes me fret for the White Team. “Authentic” is tossed around a lot. I find when people say “authentic” about food then it usually isn’t. C’est la vie. 

Gail, Mary Sue, and Susan are in the judging fold. Gail has had a bagel accident which I need to learn more about. Whitney finds some very excited Texans to holla about the beans thing with. YEE-HAW! Pickled peaches are winning but the accompanying chili is not to the judges' liking… could be bad for big Blue. Cornbread is kicking for the White Team. Susan likes acid. Black team was too sweet. We saw that in the Quickfire too. Uh-oh.