Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson reacts to Heather Terhune's treatment of Beverly Kim.

on Dec 12, 2011

>We begin our episode, full of tears, tears of rage, and even tears of freedom, in the luxo chef digs. It is right after the last episode where we found Heather bashing Beverly over shrimp prep times and laziness, a trend that may continue, whilst at the same time winning the Elimination Challenge. Whitney loses an epic battle with the common potato.

Nyesha is expressing some annoyance with Heather, which is the chorus of this episode. Let’s get one thing straight: Nyesha is total pro. She has busted her butt for French chefs who incessantly scream, always responding with a “Oui, Chef!” I know some of the chefs she’s worked for and they are pretty hardcore fans of kitchen discipline. What Heather is doing is not culinary leadership, it's belittling nonsense, and that’s what rubbing Nyesha the wrong way. I get the feeling Nyesha would follow a number of great chefs off a cliff but she wouldn’t be led by Heather out of a patch of poison ivy.

Padma and a dapper-looking Tim Love, from Ft. Worth’s Lonesome Dove are kickin’ back shots of tequila and they need some food pairings.

Cook and pair with a Don Julio selection. No immunity. $5 G.

Sarah talks about her tequila shot ritual when flying with her boss Tony. She speaks in a tone that shows off her immense admiration for the man. Tony is the much-lauded owner chef of Spaggia where Sarah is the executive chef. You feel the love for the mentor. It’s Jedi strong.

Ed Lee likes bourbon. He lives in Kentucky. More at 11.

I found Lindsay’s southern drawl more pronounced last week and I have a theory: when she is talking directly to the camera she speaks like she was on the honour (British spelling) role at Eton. When caught in casual banter its like she’s pulling up the Daisy Dukes and getting her apron on.