Team Top Chef

Three houses, three courses, too few winning dishes.

Nov 30, 2011

The entrees were all kind of meh, but I did enjoy watching Ty-Lor and Heather cheer each other on. Maybe we referenced their friendship in the premiere, but I couldn't remember. I was excited to learn that they're such good friends. 

The desserts kind of cracked me up. To the chefs' credit they were given direction to think like a fat kid, and, um, with the exception of Edward Lee they did. In fact, Ed's facial expression when given that instruction was so priceless I want dot make a .gif of it. And still might! I'll keep you posted if i get that done. As I said to Gail, the desserts reminded me a lot of Stefan Richter's finale dish and Ilan Hall's gluttony-inspired dish from Season 2. They just made no sense to me. It was sweet upon sweet upon sweet with little balance. I actually had high hopes for Edward's dish, even though he didn't' quite listen to the hosts, but apparently it wasn't executed well. 

And so amongst a bunch of lackluster dishes, Chuy goes home with his salmon and cheese dish. I ddn't make the connection to lox and cream cheese till Gail said it, but for some reason they seem so differen to me. Admittedly, I hate hot salmon (and goat cheese isn't my favorite), but the thought of eating hot fish with goat cheese grossed me out. I was, however, shocked to see Chuy go, in that I thought he'd go much farther in the competiion. Luckily for him, he gets another shot in Last Chance Kitcheb. We'll see how he does.

Until nxt week, Have a Nosh!