Team Top Chef

We cry for Richie.

Nov 23, 2011


Hello, hot stuffs! This week's episode was full of things I'm afraid of: heat, riding on horses, and the separation of the Moto boys. First, the heat. This week's Quickfire Challenge was all about peppers! And who better to guest judge than two hot tamales Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken! Padma presented the chefs with a bunch of different kinds of chiles (I spell it that way too, Hugh), each with a different monetary value. The chefs had to create dishes highlighting one of the peppers. If they won they would win the amount of money associated with said pepper. The higher on the Scoville scale, the higher the monetary value, with the highest being the ghost pepper. The adorable Paul Qui goes for it! He knows he needs to step up his game and he sees the ghost pepper as the opportunity to do just that. And guess what? He does it! Gotta hand it to Padma, Susan, and Mary Sue -- I can't handle peppers at all! I have a very mild palate (I force my friends to order mild guac with jalapenos on the side if they want!) It's weird because I can have wasabi, horseradish, etc. I guess it's a different kind of heat. What's also weird is that I love the smell of peppers, but can't eat them. Sigh. Oh well. The only other dish I care to comment on is Beverly's. I was just as baffled as the judges as to why she didn't cook her pepper. Part of me thought it was smart, that she truly wanted to highlight the freshness of her pepper. The other part of me was like "Umm, this is a cooking competition. You have to cook the ingredient."

Onto the Elimination Challenge! The chefs are broken up into groups to make chili. I hate chiles, but I love chili. I personally make a turkey chili at home all the time. Freezes well for easy re-heats after work. My turkey chili with beans is certainly not traditional Texan chili, which we discover later certainy does not have beans. I love beans in my chili, so this would be hard for me to give up. Anyway, the chefs are told they'll be cooking in their home. They use different parts of the itchen and outdoor grilling space. They drink. They don't sleep --proper chili takes all night to cook. Watching the montage of the cracked out chefs pulling an all-nighter cracked me up! Chris was by far the loopiest!