Team Top Chef

We cry for Richie.

Nov 23, 2011

The chefs present their chili dishes to the judges, but not before Gail dropping a gem of a comment that needed help with her beer bottle because of a bagel incident. I obviously couldn't let this go, so i asked her about it, and she happily obliged with this story. Poor little 8th grade, Gail! 

Each team took a pretty different take on their chilis with commonalities including choices of meat cuts and side dishes (so much cornbread!) Heather's pickled peaches were a true standout to me, and I'm glad they received such praise. Unfortunately the chili itself wan't good enough to win. And even more unfortunately, Nyesha, Richie, and Beverly's chili was the least satisfying of the bunch. They weren't only told they had the least favorite dish, but Padma made the announcement atop horse! (Milo the horse!) In front of the entire rodeo! As Gail and Tom said, we really are a--holes!

Since you can't/couldn't really tell who was responsible for what in the chili, Beverly (may Icall you Bev?) Nyesha, and Richie had to compete in one final challenge -- they had to create a dish out of their losing chili. I really thought Beverly was going to break seeing as how she already cried about missing her family this episode. But she dug deep and came out with the best dish of the three. In the end, poor Richie went home, and then I cried like Beverly. The bond between Chris and Richie is just adorable. Chris was so upset to see his Richie go. Little does Chris know his little buddy has the chance to compete to get back on the show in Last Chance Kitchen against Keith! Watch what happened.

Until next week in Dallas, Have a Nosh!