Team Top Chef

Paul may have won the challenge, but Grayson really won.

Jan 25, 2012

Hello, my little meatballs. Don’t worry -- you’re just as original as chicken salad! Or so we learn in this week’s episode. But we’ll get to that in a couple of paragraphs.

Let’s start with this week’s Quickfire where we team up the remaining contestants in a sort of mise en place relay race and then create a dish using those ingredients with the time they have left over. The ingredients were shrimp, corn, and fettucine. And the chefs actually had to make their own fettucine. Even though it would seem that the team with the most time to cook their food -- Lindsay and Sarah -- would probably win, they didn’t. Grayson and Chris did. Sarah thinks it’s because guest judge, Cat Cora, didn't like tarragon, an ingredient in their dish. My only comeback to that would be that if a dish is successful, the diner will enjoy ingredients he/she never thought she liked. While there are obviously exceptions, I have found this to be true.

The only other thing to say about the Quickfire was that Paul was right -- he is a little bit cursed when it comes to pairing up with Edward. He mentioned that every time he teams with Edward they don’t do well. And sure ehough.... This time, Paul pretty much forgot about the shrimp element. Whoops.