Team Top Chef

Paul may have won the challenge, but Grayson really won.

Jan 25, 2012

In the end, the judges weren’t jonesin’ for any more of Chris’ food. (Har har.) Although I was sad to see Chris go, the look on Richie’s face when he was rejoined by his comrade in Last Chance Kitchen is priceless. And, although Paul’s turkey won, Grayson kinda really won. She challenged Tom at the Judges’ Table after he criticized her seemingly "boring" choice of chicken salad, and kinda shut him down. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Tom concede like that, and if anyone were to ever be the one to cause it, it would be Grayson.


Sooo, we only have five chefs left! And next week, we have Pee-wee Herman, who actually scared me as a child, which I’ll explain next week. Until then, Have a Nosh!