Team Top Chef

Grayson shines, Ty-Lor cuts, and Heather annoys.

Dec 7, 2011


Sup, muthaaa, aka Mother sauce? From the comments left on this recap last week, I know a bunch of you weren't feelin' the last challenge, so I was happy to see this week went back to the basics, and hopefully you loved it as much as I did.

I thought the Quickfire was exceptional -- as a viewer I love seeing who really has the basic skills to pay the bills. Creating a sauce is such a crucial part of cooking. I've had some amazing sauces in my life, but for some reason, whenever I think of the best sauce I've ever had, I always come back to this Daurade (my favorite fish) dish I enjoyed at a fish restaurant in Caesar's Palace. I honestly don't even remember what the dish was, but it was ridiculous.

I think sauces can be the most memorable part of a dish. Sure, you'll remember if your protein is cooked correctly, but I always remember a dish for the flavors, which usually come from some sort of sauce. So, the chefs selected from four "mother sauces" as dubbed by Escoffier. i was amused that Paul was back in his school kitchen. That must've been a little weird for him. The chefs tried to put their own spins not he classics to varying degrees of success. A couple chefs admitted to guest judge and tough cookie Dean Fearing that they hadn't made a roux. Many chefs don't make roux, and there's so much debate about the proper color of a roux, I was nervous that this might send one of them out. Luckily Paul's dish was perfect without it! But ultimately Grayson's dish won. I believe I said this after a previous episode, but I think Grayson continues to make the most beautiful dishes of the group. The colors on her plate, specifically the deep blue created by her blueberry sauce, were just gorgeous. Way to go, Grayson!