Team Top Chef

Grayson shines, Ty-Lor cuts, and Heather annoys.

Dec 7, 2011

Onto the Elimination Challenge! The chefs broke up into groups to create three-course steak meals for the Cattle Barons' Ball. Um, i need an invite to this event next year. I looove steak. I grew up eating a lot of red meat, and a nice steak is something i was fortunate enough to eat often. This challenge was a tough one. Creating 200 steaks at the same doneness -- medium rare --  for an event of this size is challenging. Also, this group has a lot of expectations about what steak should taste like and what it should go with. I think the chefs struggled with keeping their dishes traditional while still putting their own spins on the the food. 

The appetizer course, a gaspacho, was OK. The light soup made sense before a heavy steak meal. Beverly got called out by her group -- specifically Heather -- for not working fast enough. Beverly then brought up that deveining that number of shrimp perfectly was a big task. Maybe she's slow, but i'm going to go with her on that one. It didn't seem that other people's elements suffered because Beverly was unavailable. She was looking after the dish's protein after all. 

We'll get to the actual steak in a minute. The dessert was seemingly the best course of the night as exhibited by Heather's win. She used Edward's sponge cake recipeā€¦ again, and twisted it to make a peach cake. It looked really delicious, but i was a little bored again. Tom and Hugh debated the sweetness of her cream. Like Tom, i don't love super-sweet desserts but i need a little confectioner's sugar in my cream. Sorry, Tom!