Team Top Chef

Episode 10:'s Senior Editor likens Beverly to SNL's Gilly.

Jan 11, 2012

Hello my little Restaurant Warriors! I have so many random things to say about this episode, I'm not quite sure where to start! I actually took a ton of notes so I wouldn't forget them all. Well, thankfully there's no Quickfire Challenge so there's plenty of time. The chefs enter the Palme d'Or Palm Door and are greeted by Hugh and Padma.

Then, a fun twist! The chefs are broken up in to their two teams and are told that the challenge will be a battle of the sexes!! Edward then makes a comment that honestly bugged me. He says, "I definitely think that male chefs have more talent." Oh, c'mon, Edward. SMH. We find out later when -- spoiler alert -- the females win that it doesn't matter what Edward says. Actions speak louder than words. Sarah has not-so-nice things to say too, but about working with Beverly, something she's nervous to do. I think it's been interesting to see how the other chefs react to Beverly, even with Heather gone.

The two teams decide on their concepts and their restaurant names. The men are pretty much agreeable to whatever any of them say. It's kinda funny to watch, honestly. Paul suggests "Canteen," which he explains as "where a community comes to dine." I have a feeling Hugh Acheson who is all about community restaurant digs this. Also, it's a cool name. Ty-Lor says, "Sure." So, they go with it. The girls go with Half Bushel. They started with Bushel, and -- call me immature -- but a group of ladies with a restaurant called Bushel is, well, a bad idea.