Team Top Chef

Episode 10:'s Senior Editor likens Beverly to SNL's Gilly.

Jan 11, 2012

Next, they work on their menus. While Chris comes up with awesome insults like "Boys rule, girls, er, um, are just gonna lose," Sarah gives Beverly the riot act about her suggestion to do a beet salad. While I do agree that serving beet salads at a farm to table restaurant is like serving water nowadays, she maybe could have been more constructive with criticism. Also, beets are delicious.

Lets start with the boys' restaurant, shall we? They realized quickly that not delineating an expeditor was a big mistake. Although Ed seemed to have a handle on the customers in front of house, the servers were another issue. And because the guys decided to have an open kitchen, the judges could see how many times the men switched the role of expeditor. But we'll discuss that in a second. The single greatest moment in the entire episode in my mind was Paul realizing that mushrooms had been left off his fish dish, and with an adorable smile he says, "F--k, we forgot the mushrooms on the salmon." Maybe I was just tired when I saw this, but I laughed out loud. Then, I had a moment when I realized that most of the stuff I laugh at on this show is absurd, that normal people would never find it funny, but that I'm so invested in these chefs, in the show, and the food they're creating, that I can't help but laugh. Was this just me? Probably.

The women got to sample the men's food, since they'd be cooking second. I don't think this really gave them an advantage at all, but it must have certainly given them some ideas to troubleshoot. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they did much with that knowledge in terms of how their restaurant would actually run. So, onto Half Bushel!