Team Top Chef

Episode 10:'s Senior Editor likens Beverly to SNL's Gilly.

Jan 11, 2012

Lindsay was chosen as front of house, but she was so consumed with the job Beverly was doing on her fish in the kitchen that she wasn't on the floor as much as she should have been, which forced not only the judges, but the customers to wait. A great moment was that shot of the older gentleman getting annoyed and complaining to Lindsay about the wait. If that isn't the snapshot of a real restaurant experience, I just don't know what is. The men declared that the ladies' retaurant seemed calmer. Thank G-d for the closed kitchen! If the customers saw what was really going on, they'd have a very different picture of what was happening. The closed kitchen, however, seemed to prevent the servers and Lindsay from knowing when dishes were ready, so I really think the closed/unclosed kitchen debate is a relevant one. They both certainly have their pros and cons, especially in an extreme situation such as this one. Even with the apparent serenity in the dining room, Hugh instinctively knew that "heads are being beaten against a wall in the back. Very astute. There were twinges of Heather-ness coming from Lindsay and Sarah in the kitchen as both kinda hammered Beverly. In fact, Beverly actually referred to Lindsay's actions as "bullying." Sound familiar? And then it hit me, as I heard one exchange between Beverly and Sarah that went like...

Sarah: "Beverlyyy"

Beverly: "Yeah."

Sarah: "Beverlyyy!"

Beverly: "Sorry!"

Bevery is Gilly, one of Kristen Wiig's most polarizing SNL characters. Although Gilly is evil, and I'd like to think the comparison ends there. Beverly did win the challenge in the end with a short rib that Sarah didn't want her to make in the first place. The rest of the ladies -- sans Grayson -- were nice enough to hold their digs until the Stew Room though, where Sarah declared that it was Lindsay, in fact, that contributed the most to the team's win. Ummm. OK.