Team Top Chef's Senior Editor's heart sank when the judges figured out what was wrong with Ed's dish.

Feb 8, 2012


Hello, my little mentees! Boy, Gail was not lying in her blog -- this episode was a tearjerker, but we'll get to that in a moment.

First, the crazy Quickfire Challenge! Sometimes, when I see Quickfires like this I just shake my head and smile. Oh wait -- I almost forgot a really important development! The Last Chance Kitchen winner re-entered the competion. And, in the end, who walks into the kitchen? BEVERLY! Who saw that coming? I know many of you will be disappointed it wasn't Grayson, or still haven't gotten over Nyesha's loss. Don't worry about Grayson, though. She's doing just fine though -- she'll be with the First Lady this week after all! (How amazing is that by the way?) Also, if you still want to watch Last Chance Kitchen, you can! Right HERE!

Anyway, Beverly's back, and no one's too thrilled about it, but to be fair, I don't know that they would've been happy with anyone coming back. As Edward not-so-graciously pointed out, the remaining chefs thought they were the final four. Oh well. Padma announces the Quickfire Challenge -- the chefs will gather their ingredients blindfolded and then have to incorporate all the ingredients they grabbed into a dish. At least they had Tom and Padma to usher them into the pantry, but Edward brought up a really good point that the proteins are in sealed bags, sooo the chefs' sense of smell was fairly useless in that case. In the end, they all grabbed enough ingredients, and the only chef who seemed genuinely baffled by something grabbed was Edward with his pork casings, which he very wisely made into a broth. Ultimately, Sarah took the win for her soup. She was then faced with an option: a car or a trip to the finals. While all the chefs kind of weighed in on what taking immunity would mean -- basically calling it a cop-out -- I would like to say that had Sarah taken the car and then got eliminated, they'd all have said she made the wrong choice. Seemed like a pretty damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.