Team Top Chef's Senior Editor's heart sank when the judges figured out what was wrong with Ed's dish.

Feb 8, 2012

And then there was Ed. He was doomed the moment he selected smoke oysters at Whole Foods. I mean, canned seafood?! No. I think mentally he tricked himself into thinking he couldn't taste the difference, but the judges could. I really thought maybe they'd never figure it out, they were so confused by the flavor, but then suddenly Hugh says meekly, "Were those canned oysters?" And my heart just sank for some reason. Yes, Hugh, they were. All the judges agreed that Ed's dish would have been leaps and bounds better without that oyster sauce. Ugh. Bye, Ed! I dug Ed, so I'll miss him, but we now have our final four!

And next week the chefs head to sunny British Columbia for the finals. Ahhh! I can't wait! I leave you with an exclusive and free excerpt from Gail's new book! I'm just so proud of her! So enjoy that, and until then, Have a Nosh!