Team Top Chef's Senior Editor breaks down the finale and reveals who she thought would win from the beginning.

Feb 29, 2012

And, we have a winner. I pride myself on guessing the winner, or at least the final two of the season, the first episode. Obviously the first episode was kinda the third this time around with the casting and such, but if I recall, I knew it would be Sarah and Paul. And Paul was sort of my favorite all season, which I'm sure I did a horrible job of hiding. He's just such a silent killer, and although I would describe myself as anything but quiet, I can appreciate it in others. Also, he's adorable. Next year, I'll be sure to write the name of who I think will win on a piece of paper and take a picture so you can all believe me when the finale rolls around! Anyway, let's dive into this insane episode where I cried three times.

First, as always, we carted out chefs from the season to compete to be Sarah and Paul's sous-chefs, but this time we threw in a few surprises. Not only did we include two masters in their own rights, Barbara Lynch and Marco Canora, but we brought back two chefs who were cut in the first rounds -- Ashley and Tyler. Didn't think you'd ever see Tyler again, did you? And i'm sure you didn't think he'd get chosen! But apparently he made a dish that Heather cooks at her restaurant and so Sarah chose him for her team. I honestly don't know if Sarah actually liked the dish or just went by the name of the dish itself. Oh well. She got Heather anyway. She also got fan favorites Grayson and Nyesha. And while no one selected Marco Canora, which i found baffling, Paul got Barbara Lynch. He also picked up Ty-Lor Boring and Chris Crary. 

Paul decides to do a Japanese-inspired meal while Sarah mixes it up a little by infusing her Italian cooking with her German heritage.