Team Top Chef

Keith Rhodes thinks he was thrown under the bus by his teammates.

Nov 15, 2011

A lot of the chefs fried their snake -- and the first thing that came to mind when hearing their plans was when Padma said a toe would taste good fried. Well, apparently not all toes because some were more successful with this method than others. Paul Qui's BBQ snake was unsuccessful, but it did kind of look awesome when he was slicing it. I was surprised Chef Hernandez didn't care for it. Chris' dish sounded amazing to me because he included two things I love: cumin and bacon. Beverly's concern about her rattlesnake being rubbery was premature -- it was a hit! Unlesss, like she said, it was rubbery, but it worked anyway. Sarah's simple dish was well-received too, but ultimately Dakokta wins wit her beer-battered snake! Guess cooking that barracuda was good practice! And so, Dakota was the first chef to gain immunity this season. Congrats, Dakota!

And onto our first real Elimination Challenge -- in comes Blanca Flores! No, Edward, she's not a Mexican rock star. Although your assumption cracked me up. Edward, really coming through with the comedic moments this season so far. He also cracked me up -- and by that I mean horrified me -- when he asked Blanca if she liked boys. It was obviously an attempt at bonding with a young girl, but, well, it caused an awkward silence. Blanca is actually just a 15-year-old celebrating her Quincinera. The chefs are broken up into two groups, and have to create Quincinera cuisine -- including a cake! -- for Blanca, her parents, and her 200 guests. 

The two teams go shopping, aaaaand that's where the issues start -- at least for the Pink Team. Well, first can we just talk about Beverly at the butcher counter? If I were at the butcher and Beverly made them stop everything to help her because her dish was supposedly the most important, I would not have been a happy camper. Hopefully they're more understanding in Texas.