Team Top Chef

Keith Rhodes thinks he was thrown under the bus by his teammates.

Nov 15, 2011

The biggest issue, however, was the Pink Team's purchase of pre-cooked shrimp. Everyone blamed the purchasing of the cooked shrimp on Keith, and while ultimately it was his decision, it's not like he didn't ask for everyone's buy-in at the store. Someone could have and should have spoken up, but they didn't. And Keith got blamed for it not only in the kitchen, causing weird tension between he and the rest of his teammates, but at Judges' Table. Now, that's not why he ultimately went home, but it was a bummer. Perhaps it was a bit premature of me to commend these chefs on their camaraderie.

Let me know your thoughts on "Shrimpgate 2011" in the Comments area below. (Also, if anyone knows where the pea puree is, let me know!)

There was mad tension in the Pink Team's kitchen after Shrimpgate, but both teams completed all their dishes. Now on to the party!

Blanca comes out in her beautiful red and white dress, and I clutched my heart. How adorable is she? And, man, is she a good judge! Her culinary comments were spot-on. What an articulate young lady. The judges dressed up for the occasion, with Hugh looking particularly Southern in his gingham shirt and white blazer. I dug it.

After a lot of comments from the judges and the diners about what tasted authentic (Are enchiladas only made with corn tortillas?), what tasted like nothing, etc. the cakes come out. Heather's tres leches is a leaning tower, but might have tasted OK, while Dakota's was so colorful I couldn't tell if it was awful or brilliant. My Top Chef: Just Desserts viewer mind tells me the colors were kind of horrible and she used way too much frosting, so the tres leches cake seemingly came out on top. What some might say was the most interesting dish based on protein alone, Chuy's goat dish, received praise. Whenever I hear about cooked goat now i think of Harold's Massamam Braised Goat at Kin Shop, the first and only goat dish I've ever eaten. It's critically acclaimed, so you should definitely try it!