Team Top Chef's Senior Editor tries to understand Heather's behavior.

Dec 14, 2011

Anyway, I'm curious if Chef Love or Padma got drunk from this challenge because it looked like they were finishing all their pairings! Do you know how much tequila that is?! Anyway, Ty-Lor wins this one with his clams. What a nice redemption after his lackluster steak last week and a fairly bad injury.

Onto the Elimination! Chef Love invited his chef friends as the diners for the challenge. They were all impressive, but I was especially excited to see Top Chef Master Anita Lo (if you haven't eaten at Annisa, go!) And the awesome guys from Animal. On my trip to L.A. a couple months ago, I made sure I ate at specific restaurants, and Animal was one of them. It was ridiculous! I can't express enough what an enjoyable low-key meal you can have there. Here are a couple pics from that meal...

poutine, oxtail gravy, cheddar


sticky toffee pudding, mascarpone, orange