Team Top Chef

The Bubble group makes it out of the Stew Room alive to compete for a spot in the final 16.

Nov 9, 2011

Andrew Curren finds himself on the bubble, and Jonathan goes home for Brussels sprouts. I love Brussels sprouts, so I found his poor cookery to be a personal affront. 

Lindsay makes it through with a dish that caused Tom to be the most animated I think I've ever seen him. You could tell he really loved it. He was also awakened by Beverly's octopus dish. Although it was a little tough, the flavors are exciting enough to get her a coat.

Now on to the Bubble group. I don't think we've ever seen so much stewing in the Stew Room. I was beyond amused by the seemingly mystical nature of all things Bubble. The chefs had no idea what lurked outside the Bublbe Room. They were like Felicity trapped in that weird black and white cell a la The Twilight Zone. Remember that episode? Edward Lee was Mayor Cranky. I feared for the other chefs' lives because Edward seemed to be about one comment away from killing them all. Thankfully, they were released and ready to cook for the final two spots. Can you imagine if Edward had been forced to stay in that room and not be able to cook?! Thank G-d that didn't happen. Note to Magical Elves: Find Edward some fun games to play in the Stew Room! 

Anyway, the Bubble chefs are literally allowed to cook whatever they want, and most of them opt for seafood. Edward notices that trend and opts for duck, and guess what? He makes it through!! The only criticism of his dish was that his duck was overcooked. Well, I've said this before, but I like my duck a little over. There are "rules" about how certain meats should be served, and most people say duck should be medium rare. Well, when I spoke to Jacques Pepin a couple of seasons ago, he said he likes his cooked cooked. And that just made me feel better about life. See how I dropped that I've spoken to Jacques Pepin before! Sigh. One of the greatest moments of my careers, so Edward, you're forgiven in my eyes. 

Oh, I almost forgot -- Edward cut himself! Like, really, really badly. Blood was insane. But he wrapped that thing up and kept on truckin', which shows he's there to compete!