Team Top Chef

The Bubble group makes it out of the Stew Room alive to compete for a spot in the final 16.

Nov 9, 2011

Grayson kills it with bacon-wrapped shrimp with fig. I have to say I thought Grayson's dish was absolutely gorgeous. I mean, those colors! Tom commented that the fig is what made the dish interesting. I wonder how often that chain rule works in cooking. If fig works with bacon and bacon works with shrimp, then fig would be great on a bacon and fig dish. Hmmm… seems to me that it will absolve me from some of the grosser snack combinations I've ever tried.

Molly goes ome with overcooked shrimp. Sorry, Molly!

That leaves Andrew and Janine. And both were cut. I have to say Janine's story about being broken up over the phone after nine years made me feel horrible, and I was kind of pulling for Andrew. When he told him that he took Hugh's advice to cook with confidence, my heart melted. 

But, don't feel too badly for these two because there's a twist! The ultimate twist! They'll both be competing in our new online series Last Chance Kitchen! Watch them duke it out in the first challenge HERE. So good luck to those two!! P.s. In case you were wondering what fregula pasta in Andrew's dish was (I was), Wikipedia explains it here.

Sooo, now the competition really begins. We have our 16 chefs and we have a preview of next week's first real challenge. Until next week, Have a Nosh!