Tom Colicchio

Tom takes a closer look at where the Pink Team went wrong.

on Nov 17, 2011

The Pink Team was literally a case study for the adage, "Too many cooks spoil the broth." The chefs on this team could not seem to work together well, as this competition sometimes calls on them to do. Lindsay was absolutely right not to cook her shrimp dish when she discovered that the shrimp was precooked, though the dish she did help cook landed her in the bottom four anyway, since the judges don't know what happens behind the scenes and judge purely on the dishes placed before us. Still, had she made the dish with the precooked shrimp, it might just have gotten her a ticket home. We'll see what she cooks next week, when, presumably, she is not at a greater disadvantage in terms of ingredients than her peers. Have a good week.

P.S. To "Dog Lover" -- yes, I do read the comments you all write. My work schedule just doesn't leave me time to reply. I'm glad people are watching, and I'm glad that many of you are inspired to write in. We can't change things up mid-season as people often request, since it was already filmed, nor can we add anyone to Restaurant Wars for the same reason, but I like writing the blog and enjoy reading everyone's replies. Keep the comments coming, everyone.