Yes, Top Chef's Adrienne Cheatham Made Her Own Stunning Wedding Cake (PICS)

The cheftestant channeled her time on Restaurant Wars for the big occasion.

Top Chef Season 15 runner-up Adrienne Cheatham tied the knot on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, mere days after the show's finale aired. And as only such a talented chef could pull off, Cheatham made the wedding cake for her own big day! In an interview with The Feast ahead of the season's end, the then-bride-to-be — whose fiancé, Stephen Bailey, proposed shortly after filming wrapped — gave us the scoop on her baking plans.

"I'm making my wedding cake, so that'll be fun," she gushed. "Everyone's told me not to, but I can't not make it. I need to do something food-related for my own wedding. And that's the only thing I was like, 'Oh, I'll do the cake. Why not? I did a cake on Restaurant Wars. I'll do the same cake, essentially.'"

Cheatham and her now-husband got hitched in an intimate New Orleans ceremony that featured "all manner of Southern food." Despite making dessert, the former cheftestant handed over the food reigns to the venue's owners.

"It's so weird to give up all the food... to have somebody else do it," Cheatham told The Feast. But even prior to her wedding date, she had full trust in their expertise. "The venue has a great chef. She's been cooking that food for years... Her food is amazing. It's just like your grandmother or mother's home cooking."

But back to the cake...

Staying on trend, Cheatham prepared a three-tier naked cake with a caramel-colored frosting and fresh white flowers delicately placed throughout, adding a simple-yet-decorative touch to her Pinterest-worthy creation. Delicious!

"[As chefs] we're never there for a party," she told us beforehand. "We're always working at the parties."

But in this very special case, she made her cake and ate it, too.

Photos: Courtesy/Adrienne Cheatham

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