We Just Coined the Term #Felfie — What Is It, and Why Do You Need It in Your Life Right Now?

Padma Lakshmi does the #felfie oh so well.

Watching someone eat is usually disgusting. The chewing, the chomping, the lip smacking, the crumbs. Gross.

But foodies are turning that around with what we're calling the (wait for it) felfie. Sorry, that's #felfie — otherwise known as the food selfie. Take whatever you're eating, stick your beautiful face in the picture, pout, raise it to your lips, and snap. This is no ordinary selfie. And the great news is, you can't hear anybody chewing.

Here's a prime example: Padma Lakshmi's recent Instagram post made us really, really want to suck down a milkshake. The Bravo's Top Chef host wore a sea-green gown to a diner after the 2018 Emmy Awards and posed sexily with the classic drive-in treat. They both looked delicious. (Bravo's Top Chef earned a nod in the Outstanding Reality-Competition at the awards show, by the way.)

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the awards," she captioned it. Smokin!

Also known for a good #felfie... Chrissy Teigen of course.

And, sure: It's a Coca-Cola, but still, Khloe Kardashian's pretty good at the #felfie, too.

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May we all be blessed enough to eat nachos in a sports bra, like Jenna Dewan.

Think Emily Ratajkowski ate that ice cream? Perhaps not — but she got a solid #felfie out of it.

Non celebs are onto the trend too. Take this girl, who wears a smoky eye to eat pizza.

Or this guy, who wants to make sweet love to some greens.

This girl, posin' all sexy for some leftovers at 5:42.

Cleavage and cookies anyone?

Anyway, you get the point. Next time you find yourself stuffing some food in your pie hole, give pause — the world may just wanna see it in action. #Felfie! Nailed it.

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