This Is the One Thing You Need in Your Kitchen, According to Top Chef Finalists

Might have known a group of chefs would say this!

It doesn't matter if you're a professional chef or a professional microwave user, we all have kitchens — kitchens that need stocking. With that in mind, The Feast enlisted true experts to determine the ultimate kitchen essentials... per Bravo's Top Chef Season 15 finalists Adrienne Cheatham, Joe Flamm, and Chris Scott. What do they think we need? And here's the thing: The cheftestants all said the same thing (in different ways, that is).

If you were paying attention to their skills throughout the high-stakes competition, their very similar recommendations should come as no surprise. Nevertheless, read on to see exactly what each of them had to say, and get ready to rock your mise en place.

Winner Joe Flamm

"One nice, sharp knife. Have a sharp knife, don't be an a--hole!"

Runner-Up Adrienne Cheatham

"A good knife that you take care of and sharpen frequently. And everybody should have a utility spoon. It can be used as a spatula, as a one-sided tong... for saucing and for plating."

Final Four Cheftestant Chris Scott

"A good knife. With that, you can do about 100 things. Just keep it sharp and dry. I prefer Japanese or German knives, because they're sturdier. Carbon steel is good, because you can really beat the hell out of it."

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