Could You Pull off a Top Chef-Qualifying Dish... Using Just a Single Lemon? (Here's Who Did)

Last Chance Kitchen hits a sour note as chefs vie for another chance on Top Chef with just one lemon to use in their recipes.

When life gives you lemons, make like Beyoncé and make lemonade, right? But what if life gives you... just a single lemon? That's this week's challenge on Last Chance Kitchen, which gives contestants on Bravo's Top Chef one more opportunity to get back in the game after they've been told to "pack their knives and go."

Based on a dish in the second episode of Top Chef that sent a contestant packing, the second episode of Last Chance Kitchen brings a singular lemon to each chef, with instructions to create a lemon-forward dish. The citrus fruit is famously a show-stealer, but that's usually when the ingredient comes in a more significant quantity — so, clearly, it takes skill to pull off a flavor punch with just one lemon. 

Who hit the best sour note for a sweet victory back into the main competition? Hit play on the clip above to find out!

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