Padma Lakshmi Had This Response to a Fan Who Used Her Book as an Oreo Tray

The Bravo's Top Chef judge let her feelings be known in no uncertain terms. 

With a title like Love, Loss, and What I Ate, Padma Lakshmi's book seems like the intellectual equivalent of a well-balanced meal. But, that doesn't mean those who read it need to have a three-course snack on hand. And in fact, the Bravo's Top Chef judge even seems to encourage her readers to indulge in some guilty-pleasure eats as they turn the pages of her tome. 

On August 21, the famous foodie took to Instagram Stories to share her reaction to a fan who photographed her book being used as an Oreo tray. And in case you're not familiar with that phrase, an Oreo tray is — well, it is just what it sounds like! 

Padma reposted a snap from the fan, who showed a copy of the book holding three cookies and a mug. The reader had written: "Do you think [Padma Lakshmi] would be proud that I'm using her book as a tray for my Oreos?" Perhaps the question was meant as a rhetorical one, but Padma answered it nonetheless. 

Using four applauding-hand emojis to underscore her point, Padma wrote: "Live your best life." So, we take it she approves!

Photo: Padma Lakshmi/Instagram

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