Watch Padma Lakshmi Cut the "Gayest Cake Ever" in Honor of Pride

The host of Bravo's Top Chef cut into the cake alongside Lena Waithe, who provided the commentary.

We've seen some seriously over-the-top rainbow cakes before — even one with an exploding candy core — but evidently we had never seen the world's "gayest cake"... until now.

Padma Lakshmi, host of Bravo's Top Chef, posted a video to Twitter that may actually include photographic evidence of such a cake. In the clip, Padma stands at a pride event alongside writer-actress Lena Waithe. After both women wish viewers a "happy gay pride, everybody" — and Waithe adds the important message, "be yourselves" — Padma does the honors of cutting into a heavily iced sheet cake decked with rainbow icing and a likeness of a rainbow flag. Watching the process, Lena comments, "This is like the gayest cake ever... which is... exciting."

Inside, more colors give the cake pizazz. "Oh wow — they actually did it!" Padma notes. Waithe adds, "It's like a marble situation."

So there you have it, folks — the "gayest cake" ever, according to Lena Waithe. Though we admit that we have not independently verified the claim.

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