3 Things Top Chef's Final 3 Would Want if They Were Trapped on a Deserted Island

Adrienne Cheatham, Joe Flamm, and Joe Sasto have one thing in common (and we love it).

Who will Padma Lakshmi name Top Chef  for Season 15? The competition is getting down to the wire in Colorado as only three cheftestants remain in the running: Adrienne CheathamJoe Flamm, and Joe Sasto

At this point in the contest, we know a lot about these talented chefs and their backgrounds — but here's something you probably didn't know: What would each of the three finalists choose to have with them if they were trapped on a deserted island?

Adrienne told The Feast, "I would want [my fiancé] Stephen Bailey with me, a case of wine, a knife, and a source of fresh water." And she added this very logical-thinking-chef detail: "I’m assuming we can make salt by drying the sea water on leaves in the sun." What's life without seasoning after all?

By the way, in addition to being a delightful pastime, a case of wine is also a potential life saver in a shipwreck situation: Just ask Below Deck's Kate Chastain who survived one on chips and rosé.

Joe Flamm said he'd keep things a bit simpler — but still said he would need a chef's kitchen staple, of course. He'd want, "my wife, Miller High Life in bottles, [and] olive oil."

Joe Sasto would bring, "my girlfriend, Bella — for obvious reasons. [Survivalist] Bear Grylls — for obvious reasons. [And chef] Francis Mallmann — for obvious reasons."


For their various differences in backgrounds and styles, we note at least one thing in common among all three finalists: They wouldn't want to be anywhere without the loves of their lives. Turns out that no matter how high a chef's level of culinary talent... love is more important than anything. (Yes, even seasoning.) Let's say it together now: Awwwww!

Best of luck to the final three... backed by their ever-important significant others at home.

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