Top Chef Season 15 Finalists Reveal What They'd Eat For Their Last Meal on Earth

Adrienne Cheatham of Bravo's Top Chef shares a fast food penchant that's oh so relatable.

What would be your last-ever meal? A juicy burger? A super expensive steak? Whatever you choose, it's got to be worth every nibble if it's how you're going out. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bravo's Top Chef Season 15 finalists' last meal on earth choices are every bit on par with the last-wish #nomnoms of our dreams.

We know, because we here at The Feast caught up with Adrienne Cheatham, Chris Scott, and Joe Flamm ahead of the high-stakes finale — and they were happy to share their picks. Read on for the OMG cheftestants are just like us! feels, then press play above to watch them further explain their (relatable) choices.

Winner Joe Flamm: Grandma's Raviolis

"They're so delicious, they're simple; they're nothing over-the-top, but it would just be the perfect meal. That, and a s--- ton of wine."

Runner-Up Adrienne Cheatham: Popeyes

"I'd have to get my mac and cheese and greens from somewhere else, but I would be Popeyes chicken and red beans and rice — and biscuit! — all the way. Hot sauce and honey — oh, it's so good!"

Final Four Cheftestant Chris Scott: Cheeseburger

"I could eat a cheeseburger every single day for the rest of my life."

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