Yes, There's a Top Chef Cameo on David Chang's New Netflix Show, Ugly Delicious!

David Chang says Season 11 alum Nina Compton was "super cool."

Top Chef fans, if you've already added David Chang's Netflix show, Ugly Delicious, to your queue, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for a special cameo from a former fan favorite cheftestant in Episode 6, "Fried Chicken." Saint Lucia native and Season 11 alum Nina Compton appears on Ugly Delicious alongside Chang and David Simon at New Orleans mainstay Dooky Chase's, and during a recent interview, the chef/host gave us the lowdown on the deep-fried, Southern experience.

"Dooky Chase's is sort of the restaurant in New Orleans, and it has been the custodian of Southern food — probably the preeminent black American restaurant — in that town for a long time," Chang told The Feast before declaring that the Chase family's soul-warming food would be his choice for his last meal on earth. (Yes, the establishment, which opened its doors in 1941, receives that soaring level of praise from the Momofuku creator.)

A list of famous patrons, including Oprah and President Barack Obama, have also enjoyed the the deep-fried menu IRL. And once you stream this episode in the eight-part series... trust us, you'll want a bite, too!

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