Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio on the Unicorn Food Trend: "Just Bad, Stop That" (See the Hilarious Video!)

Graham Elliot and Gail Simmons also weigh in — and it's rich.

Like it or not, there's still a seemingly unquenchable thirst for brightly hued unicorn and rainbow foods out there — at least among some people, but certainly not all. And you can count the professionals among those with strong feelings of the not-so-charitable variety. 

"I hate the unicorn and rainbow trend," Gail Simmons told The Feast (clip above). "Unicorns and rainbows aren't food — that's all I have to say. Yeah, I'd like to see it end... it's sort of made for Instagram but not necessarily delicious."

Graham Elliot is similarly unimpressed. "Two days ago, our pastry chef made these cookies that looked like this whole tie-dyed crazy thing and I said, 'What are these? And they're like, 'Oh, they're unicorn cookies' and I was like, 'It seems so Miley Cyrus, Snapchat, like two years ago!'" (Good one, Graham!) 

Padma Lakshmi, bless her heart, was perhaps the bluntest of all. "I don't care," she said. "Honestly. I mean, rainbows and sparkles and unicorns are great when it's a kids party but I'm an adult so... "

And Tom Colicchio just summed it up this way: "That's just bad! You need to stop that."

The judges have spoken.

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