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Top Chef Judge Graham Elliot Really Loves Schnitzel

Schnitzel is his German Shepherd, by the way.

If you’re a judge on Top Chef, how should you name your dog? After a delicious specialty food, of course. That’s exactly what Graham Elliot did with his German Shepherd, Schnitzel. Because what about that gorgeous breed doesn’t say “I’m a delicious piece of breaded veal?”

Schnitzel is a regular feature on Elliot’s Instagram, along with the chef’s wife, Allie, and their three sons, Mylo, Conrad and Jedediah.

In fact, the regal-looking gent is so often by Elliot’s side that recently, the chef asked fans what he should name the buddy cop movie he was developing about their relationship.

I mean, come on, that’s pretty adorable. If you weren’t a fan of Elliot before, how could you not be now? Anybody who loves his dog that much has got to be someone you would like in person.

"Just another day at the office" #instapup #instapet #instadog #gsd #gsp #germanshepherd #work #home #monday

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It goes without saying that Schnitzel has his own Instagram — he is a celebrity dog, after all. You can follow him @instaschnitzel. There, you can follow his adventures, which include eating bone marrow, taking long walks, and dealing with his nemesis, who is a black cat named Peanut.

"My nemesis, Peanut, trying to bother dad in the bath!"

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To see our favorite photographs of Schnitzel, see below.


“Schnitzel, enjoying his post-Thanksgiving food coma.”

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“Easy Like Sunday Morning” with @instaschnitzel

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"Do you want to build a snowman?!"

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"Mama's biggest baby" #schnitzel #instapet #instapup #instadog #gsd #gsp #germanshepherd

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