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Top Chef

After the Knife: Louis

S11/EP16: "I've made more friends in the past few weeks than I have my entire life." (02:31)
Top Chef

After the Knife: Carlos

S11/EP16: Was having his competitors judge his dish the reason for Carlos’ elimination? (03:04)
Top Chef

Friends or Foes?

S11/EP17: A Bikini-clad Padma Lakshmi introduces finalists Nina Compton and Nick Elmi to eliminated cheftestants participating in their next challenge. (00:59)
Top Chef

And the Winner is ...

S11/EP16: Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi reveal the Top Chef Last Chance Kitchen winner, Hawaiian style. (01:33)
Top Chef

Hawaiian Challenge

S11/EP16: The finalists learn they’re cooking for legendary chef Sam Choy before meeting the LCK champ. (02:06)