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Top Chef

Padma Sabotages Richard

S12/EP8: When Richard Blais leaves his shopping cart unattended, Padma Lakshmi decides to play a freshman prank. (00:47)
Top Chef

The Judges Shop for the Chefs

S12/EP8: The ‘Top Chef’ judges switch it up, and do the shopping for the cheftestants – and Padma Lakshmi runs into some trouble. (01:32)
Top Chef

A Sudden Death Chowder Off

S12/EP8: The cheftestants are challenged by Jasper White to create their own unique spin on clam chowder in 30 minutes. (01:50)
Top Chef

The Chefs Go to War

S12/EP5: Adam Harvey is prepared for a "bloodbath" when the Judges decide who wins their solider-themed head-to-head matches. (01:07)