Designer Logs

Find out where the designers shopped for their eco-offices.

Oct 8, 2008

PRESTON The client specified he wanted a masculine, modern, clean, and sophisticated space. The challenge was to create a conference room using a desk and bookcase. Additional furniture was purchased for seating and storage. The room was very simple due to the limited amount of space, a small amount of time, and difficult budget constraints. Fabric was brought in to create slipcovers and roman shades. A painting was created using a leftover piece of the desk and a used drop cloth. At the end, the room was easy on the eye, tailored, and functional.

Items in Preston's room (purchased in Top Design Showroom by Ondine) Bertil Wood Chairs by IKEA Kvartal blinds by IKEA Dragor Brown Rug by IKEA Red Lack Shelf by IKEA Folders by The Green Office PAINT (all Sherwin Williams either NO-VOC "Harmony" or LOW-VOC paint) SW 077 Classic French Grey satin 2 gal SW 6219 Rain satin 2.5 gal SW 7006 Extra White gloss 1 gal SW 6258 Tricorn Black gloss 2 quarts

ANDREA I came up with a concept for Traci's reception office. I was hyper-focused on doing a great job, plus I was excited to work and design for a girl. Halfway through the challenge, we switched rooms and I finished Eddie's design for Jed's office space. I found the already chosen colors difficult to work with, but it forced me to try something new. I am happy with the layout, and the great functionality of the office, and I hope that Jed likes the colors he chose. Overall, the office looks a thousand times better.

Items in Andrea's room (purchased in Top Design Showroom by Eddie) White Lack Side Table by IKEA White Coffee Table by IKEA 2 Norvald Black Brown Chairs by IKEA 2 Square Reed Lamps by Pier 1 Imports PAINT (all Sherwin Williams either NO-VOC "Harmony" or LOW-VOC paint) SW 6759 Cooler Blue flat 2 gal SW 7012 Creamy flat 1 gal SW 6990 Caviar flat 1 gals SW 6767 Aquarium flat 2 gals