Felicia Bushman

Felicia Bushman's opinion of the Triathlon.

on Oct 2, 2008

Having just completed the Malibu Triathlon two weeks ago, I know how these poor designers felt after their two day TRIATHLON! My muscles are still in recovery, but it was worth it because I managed to beat J. Lo in all three legs! I am a very competitive person in everything I do, be it triathlons or design, which is why I loved seeing the designers race through this challenge. And finally, we get to see them work as individuals! It was very telling ... I was glad to see both Teresa and Andrea in the bottom of this challenge. Not because I want to see them fail but because I have seen them both work, challenge after challenge, without the confidence in themselves to really rise above and do something great and memorable. They are both guilty of the ever failing "play it safe" mentality and you don't get far in design (or sports for that matter) with that mindset!

But don't get me wrong when I say I was glad to see them there. I was glad because I think they both have something to offer and going through these past few challenges and hearing what the judges had to say about it, was an eye-opener for both of them. Teresa lives and works in Vegas which is it's own little bubble in the world of design. I know, because I have worked with a developer there, and all they want is a bunch of over done fluff. And on top of that it's the land of themes! Zen? Really? Everyone can be guilty of staying within their comfort zone but I think that this experience for Teresa was a huge eye-opener and I expect that she will now go on to do better, more imaginative work. The nice thing about her is that her ego won't get in the way. She has been a pleasure to work with on this show and she is willing to learn and grow. Congratulations Teresa. Now GO GET 'EM!