Felicia Bushman

Felicia Bushman's final thoughts on Nathan's big win!

on Nov 11, 2008

Ondine had a great time thinking it through, who her clients would be, child, work, etc. And she did a beautiful job pulling it together and I happen to admire her optimism in how much her team could get done. They should be pushed -- you get more out of them that way. I loved her use of color in every room\ -- the child's room being the most playful and the family room that made you smile, to the office that inspired and the living room that was more subdued and relaxed. It all worked so well together and each room served its purpose. Looking at Nathan's project is interesting from my point of view, what you saw on TV vs the feeling you got when in the space is quite different. I find this in every project I have photographed. It is very difficult to capture the FEELING with a lens. So you as viewers do not get the full effect and may wonder why the judges selected Nathan as the winner. Well aside from what they have mentioned over the course of the show like the fact that his work is so thought-provoking, intuitive, interestingly off-beat, etc, he knows how to make you feel good in a space and he knows how to take the ordinary objects and spaces and turn them into something EXTRAordinary.

I loved that he had created clients who were art collectors and not just collectors, but specific collectors, and their Bohemian style that he explained made them almost real! I wonder if he had actual people that he knew in mind... I appreciate the amount of thought he put into it. Even though he could have changed a few things here and there, overall the space was very exciting and anyone walking into the space would have a great time discovering each room. I was surprised by Margaret's objection to making the living room a gallery. It was such a tiny silly room and down the stairs, really it's just a walkthrough dust collector, so what better for art collectors who get such joy from displaying and viewing their collections than to create a gallery? He actually made the space for his clients USABLE rather than a living room that would have been wasted on them. Very, very smart! Congratulations Nathan! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us all to see in the future!