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Felicia Bushman


November 11, 2008 • 10:01 AM ET
Still sleepy from last night's finale party ... little late here in getting my blog in, sorry, but the producers threw a finale party here in LA. We were graced with the presence of several of the contestants -- Preston, Andrea, Kerry, Teresa,...
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From Drab To Fab!

October 30, 2008 • 9:34 AM ET
Ondine! What a sweetheart she is. It was really hard to watch her struggle after last week's decision to send her home, only to stay by Andrea's forfeit. But the good thing about Ondine is that she knows how to pick herself up, shake off the past,...
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Suck It Up!

October 23, 2008 • 9:27 AM ET
"Pop Design!" Nothing like waking up at 6am, dragging your tired butt out of bed, only to be hit with a "Pop Design." The designers seemed a bit run down this particular morning but they didn't have even one moment to gripe because the second they...
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Doom And Gloom ...

October 16, 2008 • 10:16 AM ET
I am forever the optimist but these sure are tough times to be optimistic about our future! I did feel a bit of doom and gloom while watching these designers think about the future....
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October 9, 2008 • 10:52 AM ET
It was really nice to read Jonathan's blog last week about how difficult and unrealistic it is for designers to plan and execute everything so quickly. Even as a seasoned and successful professional, he admits that he takes time to "think, screw...
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Oh, My Achin' Muscles!

October 2, 2008 • 9:51 AM ET
Having just completed the Malibu Triathlon two weeks ago, I know how these poor designers felt after their two day TRIATHLON! My muscles are still in recovery, but it was worth it because I managed to beat J. Lo in all three legs! I am a very...
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Survival Of The Fittest

September 25, 2008 • 11:27 AM ET
Lions and tigers and bears, oh no!! This was actually my favorite episode to work on. It was probably the most difficult logistically, an entire apartment per team in just 2 1/2 days. And with all of the trades and vendors available to the...
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