Guest Judge

Guest Judge Kathy Ireland talks Cabanas.

Feb 14, 2007


Being a guest judge on "Top Design" was really fun to do. I had such a good time doing it. Last year, I had done my own reality show in England, "Design Wars," so I really felt for the contestants under so much pressure.

On our show, we had only one month to makeover a house. I was representing the UK against five different countries. The UK did not win; the Indians won. There are more Indians doing nothing at 5 o'clock in the afternoon than Italians or Scandinavians. I was neck and neck with them, but the Indians won.

It was a telephone-voting thing; we all lived in trailers. It was very "Big Brother." But back to "Top Design," when I first came on the scene I arrived at the beach. I'll admit that at first I was thinking: 'Oh, uhm...What are they all doing?' But then I found out they could only shop at one store, and they were working with people they didn't know -- and everyone's got different personalities and perspectives -- they were working under extremely difficult circumstances.

It's hard when you have very very different tastes. If all of a sudden you've got someone who can't see eye to eye and you have to get something done on a deadline, it's difficult. But, given that, they did quite a fantastic job. The fact that they got anything done was a miracle.