Guest Judge

Liz Lange on her stint as guest judge.

Feb 7, 2007

I was disappointed, actually, because I liked what I got to know of John. I think he's talented and would have been an asset to the show to keep around. In general, I think the work was a mixed bag. There were a few rooms that were so incredibly pulled together. The pirate room was so impressive. Amazing. I was really impressed with Goil and I liked him in the context that I saw him. I thought he was having fun with it. Another woman who made a room with orange and green and a lot of plants; that was great. The other room with lights in the walls that was sort of Chanel-colored: I liked that. Then, there were other rooms that I questioned the designers' taste levels. For Liz Lange's bio, click here.

Yes, yes, I watched the first episode last week. The very few questions that I got the chance to ask the contestants -- weren't all that revealing, so it was great for me to see the contestants in more depth and get to know them better. I wasn't able to see very much so I'm really excited to watch it every week as a fan. Final words? I'd say keep watching. And to the designers, It's tough. Stay at it and don't be discouraged. For Liz Lange's bio, click here.