India Hicks

India Hicks regrets Kerry's exit.

on Sep 17, 2008

As ever choosing your running mate ... and the good guy finishing last. We had spoken about clients who could be opinionated and demanding in the first episode, and here they were, Project Runway starlets. I felt for my contestants on this episode. When the Pope popped round to see Michael Angelo and gave him the brief for the Sistine chapel I doubt he said "Now MA I want lots of gold, lots of blue, a couple of fat cherubs and some swish angles."

More likely he said "Please paint the roof of the Sistine Chapel so as to glorify the greatness of God." The Project Runway designers may have come with perhaps too much of an idea in their own minds. There is every chance that some of these creations could have spoken for themselves. But the brief in some cases became so elaborate and sometimes so specific that it got in the way of the interior designers. A case of lipstick on pigs even ...? Andrae brought to the challenge a pretty, easy-to-get-along-with, grey cocktail dress, which suddenly had attached to it all the significance of everything from the need for change, the quandaries of politics, and the collapse of financial institutions ... a monster brief for Nathan and Shaz. Eddie certainly elaborated on Santino's Little Black Riding Hood design. "Its sick" he gushed. Clearly pleased that he had been paired with Teresa, he could at once see himself taking charge. Teresa had the insight to realize that time is the enemy of any designer, and listening patiently and taking copious notes is as significant as all that creative chit-chat. Daniel went so far as to read out a poem. Andrea and Preston were left only to mirror its words.