Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler on why Kerry Howard's window display failed.

on Sep 17, 2008

Jonathan Adler usually hates it when reality TV contestants refer to themselves in the third person. Suede on Project Runway, Omarosa on whatever show she happens to be on, and I recall our own Eddie Ross referring to "The Eddie Ross Look" in an elimination or two. But, when "Big Daddy" Kerry referred to himself as Big Daddy, Jonathan Adler just found it endearing. Honestly, everything about the dearly-departed Big Daddy was endearing and I (I'm finished with the third-personing, I just did it to meet my contractual word count requirements) was heartbroken to see him go. His first two challenges were kinda good and he was adorably sweet and likeable. But, Holy Mother of God was that window a shonda!!!!