Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler on creating the perfect designer.

on Apr 4, 2007

I want to be Dr. Frankendecorator. I want to mash up the strengths of the contestants and create an ideal designer.

I would combine Carisa's colorful optimism, Andrea's sophistication, Goil's idiosyncracy, Matt's calming symmetry, Eric's old school zsoosh, Michael's oddly compelling cockiness, and even a soupcon of Ryan's ridonculous ideas. I'd plunk Sanjaya's Ponyhawk on top, and then, having created the most insane decorator on Earth, I would rest. But, until technology catches up with my vision, I'll have to settle for the contestants we have, and that ain't too bad.

Actually, they're pretty great and I thought they really proved themselves in this week's episode.


Matt had a distinct advantage: We judges were still intoxicated by his hotel room from last week and we went into this challenge thinking he could do no wrong.