Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler defends 'see you later, decorator.'

on Feb 7, 20070

Y'all -- I gots lots to discuss.


Let me start with moi's tres controversial "See you later, decorator" catchphrase. One night, as my bloke and I were playing ping pong (a nightly ritual which always devolves into us just smacking the ball at each other), we concocted some options for my signature kissoff: "Swatch off." "You're banned from the D&D building forever." "You're an Elsie de Wolfe in sheep's clothing." "You suck. Good luck." Then, I blurted out "See ya later, decorator." Memorable, silly, fun -- done! It seems that some people aren't feeling my catchphrase and the blogosphere is on fire with suggested alternatives. Oh well. At the end of the day, it's got to be something, so to everyone who thinks it's the worst thing since Foam destroyed the restaurant world -- y'all can kiss my swatch. For reals.
The word "Decorator" is quite controversial. My brethren are funny about being called decorators - they're worried about being characterized as fluffy dilettantes with bags of swatches. They prefer the term "Designer" which, in their minds, connotes professionalism and gravitas.